Course Level Outcomes Assessment Results
The Student Learning Outcomes Assessment reports include all courses at College of the Canyons.
The reports were created from the information faculty entered in the CurricUNET Assessment Module and include information such as: Type of assessment used,   percentage of students who achieved the SLO, strengths/weaknesses identified, and action plan for improvement. 

Program Level Outcomes Assessment Results
Here is a summary of the Student Learning Outcomes assessment results for all programs (degrees and certificates) offered at College of the Canyons. This report was created from information collected in the Academic Program Reviews. The report includes information on how the program level SLO was assessed, % of students who achieved the SLO, and how the results of the assessment will impact future plans for the program.

Institutional Reports Role in Program Review 
Faculty and others use the assessment of Student Learning Outcomes as part of their goal-setting and planning efforts. Below is an example of how faculty have created new objectives based on results from assessing Student Learning Outcomes.
Example of Objectives Based SLO Data for Program Review Year 2012
Institutional Student Learning Outcomes Reports 
In 2010, the college identified 14 Institutional Student Learning Outcomes. These have all been assessed. Below is a detailed report on this assessment effort. To learn more about previous ISLO work and a new 2015 proposal for ILOs, go to the Instutional Learning Outcomes page
ISLO Summary Report

ACCJC Inventories (Annual March report to ACCJC)
Each year, College of the Canyons submits a report to ACCJC documenting best practices and progress on evaluating student learning outcomes,  and other institutional-set standards of achievement.



Reports (Other)
SLO Implementation Status for College of the Canyons