2012 - COC Heritage Committee Scholarship Recipient
Ari Limon
Past Scholarship Recipient
2011 - Megan Kato
Megan Kato was born in Palmdale, California, she has been attending COC for two semesters and her GPA is 3.76.  Her major is Early Childhood Education and she is planning to transfer to a California State University. When she found out that she won the Cultural Heritage Committee Scholarship she stated, “I was ecstatic! I had never won a scholarship before and I felt honored to be selected”.  Megan feels that “cultural heritage refers to what a specific person believes in, what their morals are, and how they live their life.”  In addition, Megan’s family is very important to her.  “Even though my parents are divorced; I am still able to have a good relationship with both of them”.  Her older brother, Garret, is completing a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and she feels that he is a great role model for her.  Her EOPS Counselor, Dora Lozano, remarked, “Megan created a beautiful scrapbook for COUNS 150 documenting her past, present and future that demonstrated how valuable her family is to her.”  Megan enjoys hobbies that include photography, going to the beach, and hanging out with her friends.  She works at a local sushi restaurant as a server and she really likes it “because of the great tips”.  Her favorite quote is by Bob Marley, “Live for yourself and you live in vain; Live for others, and you will live again”.
Scholarship Opportunity
Student Information: 
The Heritage Committee offers one $500.00 scholarship to a COC student who is  first generation and receives financial aid.  The student has to apply through the Financial Aid Office during the scholarship period.  Please check out their website for more information on deadlines and requirements: http://www.canyons.edu/offices/FinAid/scholarships.asp
If you are interested in making a contribution to this worthy cause, please visit the foundation website below to contribute online or you can fill out the appropriate form for payroll deduction.  Many of the members contribute $10.00 a month.  Without your support we are unable to offer a scholarship to a student in need.  Please consider making a contribution in any amount.  Thank you for your support.