What is Heritage?

Based on the dictionary, heritage is described as the following:
  • Something somebody is born to: the status, conditions, or character acquired by being born into a particular family or social class
    "Respect for education was part of their Scottish heritage."
  • Riches of past: a country's or area's history and historical buildings and sites that     are considered to be of interest and value to present generations (often used before a noun). "The town's heritage trail"
  • Something passing from generation to generation: something that passes from one generation to the next in a social group, e.g. a way of life or traditional culture
    "The celebration of Passover is part of the Jewish heritage."
  • Legal inheritance: property or land that is or can be passed on to an heir
Cultural Heritage Websites
We are dedicated to increasing the awareness, appreciation, and understanding of cultural diversity in our community.   We have provided a list of links to websites where you can learn about a variety of cultural heritage experiences in Los Angeles County and beyond.
 China Town, Downtown Los Angeles
 Little India, Artesia
 Located between Artesia Boulevard and South Street on Pioneer Boulevard in the city of Artesia.
 Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles
 Little Saigon, Westminster/Garden Grove
 Olvera Street (Placita de Olvera), Downtown Los Angeles
Cultural Centers
 Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles
 The Farmer’s Market, West Los Angeles
 Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles
California African American Museum
 Japanese American National Museum, Downtown Los Angeles
 Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), Long Beach
 Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena
 Los Angeles County Museum of Art
LACMA is home to a broad variety of artwork from many cultures.
Greek Festival
Los Angeles County Festival Guide
Tamale Festival
UMASS Amherst Center for Heritage & Society.