Institutional SLO's & Assessment Plans
American Institutions
Group Leader:
David Andrus, with help from Lea Templer, Stephen Branch, and Brent Riffel

Opening Day Faculty:
David Andrus, Stephan Branch, Brent Riffel, Lea Templer 

Departments Involved:
History, Economics, Political Science

Trace and analyze the historical development of American institutions and ideals and the operation of representative democratic government.

Assessment Method:
Choice of either essay or objective exam (at least 10 questions, either embedded in final or as separate assessment)

Criteria for Success:
70% of students will earn 70% of the points

Planning: Spring 2011
Assessment: Fall 2011
Evaluation and Action Plan: Spring 2012

Next Steps:
  • Develop essay assignment parameters
  • Develop rubric for essay
  • Develop possible exam questions