Institutional SLO's & Assessment Plans
Group Leader:
Denee Pescarmona, Leslie Bretall, and Deb Rio

Opening Day Faculty:
Ruzanna Baytaryan, Leslie Bretall, Pamela Brogdon-Wynne, Kerry Brown, Danielle Butts, Jane Feuerhelm, Christi Franklin, John Garcia, Joseph Gerda, Collette Gibson, Anzhela Grigoryan, Garret Hooper, Joan Jacobson, Ronald Karlin, Adam Kempler, Stephanie Lee, Susan Ling, Svetlana Lynch, Heather MacLean, Mojdeh Mahn, Chelley Maple, Brandy McGrath, Sam Otoo, Ana Palmer, Concepcion Perez, Denee Pescarmona, Carolyn Powell, Christy Richter, Robert Segui, Elizabeth Shaker, Diane Solomon, Isao Uesugi, and Julia Visner

Departments Involved:
English, Math, ESL, Counseling, Library, TLC, Matriculation

Demonstrate foundational skills in reading, writing, mathematics, English as a Second Language, and learning and study skills.

Demonstrate progress through appropriate Basic Skills Course sequences.

Demonstrate mastery of self-regulatory skills necessary to obtain academic success.

Assessment Method:
ISLO #1: Mapping of course-level assessments in designated English, Math, and ESL capstone classes and designated counseling classes

ISLO #2: Course progression analysis for sequences in English, Math, and ESL (credit and noncredit)

Criteria for Success:

Group will continue discussion over email

Next Steps:
  • Set criteria for success for all assessment methods
  • Develop specific assessment method for ISLO #3
  • Develop specific timeline for data collection and reflection/action planning