Institutional SLO's & Assessment Plans
Diversity Requirement
Group Leader:
Pamela Williams-Paez

Opening Day Faculty: 
Edel Alonso, Brittany Applen, Daniel Catan, Michelle LaBrie, Russell Richardson, Tracy Sherard, Diane Sionko, Cindy Stephens, Connie Tripp, and Pamela Williams-Paez

Departments Involved:
Anthropology, Biological Science, Business, Cinema, Communication Studies, Early childhood Education, Education, English, Geography, Health Science, History, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sign Language, and Sociology

Identify how culture and identity impact individual and group experience in society.

Assessment Method:
Choice of discipline-specific tools:
• Essay
• Presentation
• Objective Test

Key elements of assignment (rubric elements): 
• Providing an example of how individuals and/or groups are impacted by culture and identity
• Making a clear cause/effect relationship between culture and/or identity and individual and/or group experiences

Criteria for Success:

Group will communicate through email.

Planning: Fall 2010
Assessment: Spring 2011
Evaluation and Action Plan: Fall 2011

Next Steps:
  • Set criteria for success
  • Set parameters for assignments and tests
  • Finish rubric