Institutional SLO's & Assessment Plans
Language and Rationality: Communication and Analytical Thinking
Group Leader:
Anne Marenco and Matt Teachout

Opening Day Faculty:
Dennis Bauwens, Cherie Choate, Marlene Demerjian, Douglas Forbes, James Gilmore, Brandon Hilst, Charlie Johnson, Andrew Jones-Cathcart, Kathy Kubo, Loung Le, Saburo Matsumoto, 
Amy Morrow, Dennis Morrow, Gregory Mucha, George Rhys, Deanna Riveira, Sydney Shanks, Michael Sherry, David Stevenson, Mathew Teachout, Robert Tolar, and Mary Valentine 

Departments Involved:
Business, Communication Studies, Computer Science, Economics, Math, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology

Apply systems of reasoning in solving problems or analyzing and evaluating arguments.

Assessment Method:
Mapping of aligned course-level SLO assessments to ISLO

Criteria for Success:

Planning: Nov/Dec 2010-spring FLEX week
Assessment: Spring 2011
Evaluation and Action Plan: Fall 2011

Next Steps:
  • Set criteria for success
  • Confirm which course SLOs are aligned with ISLO
  • Ensure that each course has an assessment plan in place
  • Develop schedule of when course-level assessments will be conducted