Institutional SLO's & Assessment Plans & Assessment Plans
Natural Science
Group Leader: 
Vince Devlahovich

Opening Day Faculty:
Kathy Alfano, James Anderson, Alto Benedicto, Kelly Burke, Jeannie Chari, Teresa Ciardi, Kelly Cude, Vincent Devlahovich, Rebecca Eikey, Kathy Flynn, Miriam Golbert, Rick Howe, Ann Kressin, Richard Martinez, Gregory Nishiyama, Betty Rose, and James Wolf

Departments Involved:
Anthropology, Astronomy, Biological Science, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Physical Science, Physics, Psychology 

Evaluate natural phenomena and human activities through the use of scientific inquiry.

Assessment Method:
Discipline-specific tasks 

Criteria for Success:

Planning: Fall 2010
Assessment: Spring 2011
Evaluation and Action Plan: Fall 2011

Next Steps:
  • Develop parameters for the discipline-specific tasks used to assess the ISLO
  • Develop a rubric for scoring the discipline-specific tasks used to assess the ISLO
  • Set Criteria for Success