Institutional SLO's & Assessment Plans
Physical Education and Wellness
Group Leaders:
Rhonda Hyatt and Sheri Barke

Opening Day Faculty:
Sheri Barke, Christopher Cota, Robert dos Remedios, Howard Fisher, Lisa Hooper, Rhonda Hyatt, Belinda Kane, Philip Marcellin, Diana Stanich, Garett Tujague, and John Wissmath 

Departments Involved:
Physical Education, Dance, Recreation Management, Health

Evaluate factors that affect personal health and select strategies to move towards optimal well-being.

Demonstrate appropriate skills for participation in a selected physical activity.

Assessment Method:
ISLO #1: Individual projects

ISLO #2: Skills demonstration

Criteria for Success:
70% of students will pass the ISLO assessment

Planning: Fall 2010
Assessment: Fall 2010
Evaluation and Action Plan: Spring 2011

Next Steps:
  • Develop parameters for projects
  • Develop rubric for scoring projects for ISLO #1
  • Select rubric or checklist for skills demonstration for ISLO #2