Institutional SLO's & Assessment Plans
Social Science
Group Leader:
Michael Leach

Opening Day Faculty:
Mehgen Andrade, Mary Bates, David Brill, Linda Crosby, Guillermo Cruz, Michael Leach, Tammy Mahan, Lisa Malley, Robert Maxwell, Majid Mosleh, Brad Reynolds, Don Takeda, and John Varga

Departments Involved:
Anthropology, Business, Communication Studies, Early Childhood Education, Economics, Geography, History, MEA, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

Demonstrate an understanding of the perspectives, theories, methods, or core concepts of the behavioral and social sciences.

Assessment Method:
One of the following:
• Objective Tests
• Essay
• Oral Presentation
• Project

Criteria for Success:
70% of students will score 70% or higher

Group will meet electronically within two weeks

Next Steps:
  • Develop parameters for exam option for assessing the ISLO
  • Develop one or more rubrics for scoring the essays, projects, and oral presentations used to assess the ISLO
  • Choose semester to conduct assessments
  • Choose semester for analyzing results and action planning