Please visit for upcoming workshops
As you may have heard, we are beginning the transition from using the SLO Tables in the academic program review to using the CurricUNET Assessment Module. We are offering FIVE training sessions this fall to help with the transition. In addition, the SLO coordinators hope to attend division meetings this fall to help answer your questions about this module. However, we still HIGHLY recommend every full-time faculty member attend a training session this year.
Beginning fall 2014, the SLO tables in the academic program review will no longer be used to record assessment results.Only the CurricUNET Assessment Module will be available.
While the SLO Tables have served a very important need in the past, only department chairs have had access to the PROGRAM REVIEW to input data. And we have not been able to run very effective reports of this information, at either the faculty or institution-level. The new assessment module will allow ALL full-time faculty to develop and submit assessment plans (phase 1) and record assessment results and the dialogue about those result (phase 2). And, the database is capable of offering Word, Excel, and HTML reports.
This year, any department that would like to use the assessment module is encouraged to do so. Currently the Theatre, Paralegal, Chemistry, English, and other departments are using this tool. Again, those who choose to use the assessment module, will not include their assessment results in the SLO tables in program review.
The fall training sessions will be on the following dates and times:
·         Monday, October 14 @ 11 AM
·         Tuesday, October 22 @ 4 PM
·         Monday, October 28 @ 11 AM
·         Friday, November 1 @ 12 PM
·         Thursday, November 14 @ 3 PM
All trainings will occur in BONH 106 (Computer Resource Room).
  • Please feel free to bring assessment plans or assessment results to this working session.
  • 1 hour of FLEX is available.
  • Each session is limited to no more than 15 participants.
  • The presenter will remain available after the end of the session to work with faculty if needed.
     Visit after that date to register. The workshops are numbered 200F, 201F, 202F, 203F, 204F under “Professional Development for COC Employees.” Then select “Professional Development Workshops.Currently, these workshops are located at the bottom of the listing.