Cythnia Rowley headshot.jpgCynthia Rowley
Cynthia Rowley has been a painting contractor for over 20 years. She has worked in homes to bring new life through
her painting techniques and finishes. Once she realized her eye for design went beyond the walls, she opened
Refined Vintage Boutique (Refined). Refined began with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. Cynthia has used paints from
around the world and chose Chalk Paint® to open her business with. Why? Because it’s simply a product that cannot
be beat. It is a product that anyone can use to transform their home in a beautiful way. She realized Annie Sloan was
the key to something bigger. Since then she has been teaching small-group workshops to empower just about anyone
to go home and take on a project. She shares her expertise to help others create a custom look within their homes.
Since then, Refined has grown into something much bigger. Refined still offers painting workshops from Beginner to
Advanced, but now ties in much much more. Refined is more than a home goods store. It’s a store for anyone to walk in and be their own decorator,
painter and designer. It’s a place to be empowered. It’s a place to be inspired.