Doris Marie Zimmer, MS, CPC, FC, CRC
Doris Marie Zimmer has enjoyed a rich and diverse professional and personal life. Most recently she has worked in individual and relationship coaching and consultant for professional and non-profit organizations in board development, strategic planning and team work.  Respecting a values-based life style, Doris Marie consistently makes decisions which align with her personal, professional and family values.  This authenticity and integrity in her commitments accounts for the relationships and life roles she has created. 
Part of  Mrs. Zimmer’s work diversity included: administrator for a women’s and family planning clinic, and created community education programs in sex education and sex education curriculum; a CEO and blood services developer for blood drives, hospital and community health consultant.  As her husband’s office manager and para-legal, she facilitated the formation and initial operation of numerous non-profit organizations.  Prior to her marriage, Doris Marie was assistant registrar for Los Angeles County Museum of Art, a Music Librarian and Juvenile Hall supervisor and transportation officer.  She even worked a summer on her Canadian family’s farm, and later assisted Steven with Zimmer Farming in Imperial County and Zimmer Ranches in Ventura County.
Doris Marie is committed to being in service and volunteerism:  she has chaired a city planning commission, sat on numerous  state, regional and local health committees, including the Mexican-American border health group, worked in educational volunteerism and for more than four decades and served in numerous women’s non-profit service organizations.
Finally as a mature adult, Doris Marie returned to school and earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Counseling and trained for various professional coaching certificates.  In working with business, volunteer and family groups she found her passion for understanding and coaching to create intentional and fulfilling relationships.  Most particularly, her newest focus is in creating and branding intentional Funtastic Families.   In professional and non-profit arenas, she has facilitated groups in strategic planning, vision and goal setting, interpersonal relations and group development. 
Doris Marie’s values are demonstrated in her professional and personal choices.  They include family, personal development, adventure, service and financial security.  It is her listening skills and talent to drill down to core issues which gives Doris Marie the unique ability to build positive and powerful relationships with individuals and groups and serve them to create common purpose and productive outcomes. 
Married for only 38 years, Mrs. Zimmer daily demonstrates her commitment to intentional relationships and thrills in her choice to identify herself as a newlywed and fall in love with Steven, again and again.  The Zimmer family is a mix of adoptive and biologic adult children and five grandchildren.  As such, they possess diverse personalities and ethnicities and share a common love of family, travel and personal development.   Underscoring their value of tradition and legacy, Steven and Doris Marie host a ‘no parents allowed’ annual Zimmer Camp with their four age-eligible grandchildren:  Kaden, Noelle, Tristan and Ayla.  Mara Jade, the baby is not ‘age eligible’ until 2021.  Based on traditional camp models, ‘campers’ enjoy beach and ocean activities, field trips, culinary training and crafts.  Doris Marie’s personal statement highlights her life:   ‘I am a loving, generous, inspiring and humorous woman’.