Deanna Harshbarger headshot.jpgDeanna Harshbarger
Deanna Harshbarger is the global director for the Deep Brain Stimulation franchise at Boston Scientific’s
neuromodulation business.  Boston Scientific is a worldwide leader in minimally invasive medical devices
designed to improve and extend patient life. Harshbarger has been leading teams across the globe to bring this
unique and meaningful technology to patients around the world.  She took a circuitous path to get to the medical
device industry. 
With a background in chemical engineering, Harshbarger spent almost a decade in research and
development, process engineering and product management in the plastics industry before moving into
healthcare.  She was a worldwide product director with Johnson & Johnson prior to joining Boston Scientific over 8 years ago. 
Harshbarger is passionate about women’s  leadership and is the global lead for Boston’s Scientific’s women’s network.  She hold a BS in Chemical
Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.