Jennifer Gerard
Jennifer Gerard is a progressive woman entrepreneur. As founder and CEO of two companies, Gerard Cosmetics
and Whitening Lightning home teeth whitening, she exemplifies the commitment and tenacity needed to build
and maintain a business in the new economy.   
Deeply committed and faithful, Jennifer built both of her businesses from the ground up. When confronted with
barriers, instead of allowing them to hold her back, she climbed over them. In 2010 she grew her tiny mobile
teeth whitening service into an international corporation that within one year was whitening Hollywood smiles
and attracting customers from around the world. Today the company is a forerunner in the home teeth
whitening industry.
An intuitive businesswoman, Jennifer Gerard was in touch with the world’s love affair with beauty. She captured
global attention by launching Gerard Cosmetics in 2014. The company, which began with high quality lip
products, is a favorite among beauty experts and vloggers. She continues to add products to her distinctive line.
Aside from her ultra-successful businesses, Jennifer Gerard is known for two things: giving back and paying it forward. She consistently gives back to
her community in Southern California through sponsorship. She’s a generous philanthropist, supporting organizations and events that improve the lives
of children and animals.
Jennifer pays it forward by educating other businesspeople in today’s technologically advanced marketplace and sharing the secrets of her success.
Since achieving her own commercial victory, much of which she attributes to social media, Jennifer Gerard passes along skills that took her small
home-based business to a multimillion dollar corporation in just three short years.
In 2017, both Gerard Cosmetics [link] and Whitening Lightning [link] continue to create an international buzz. Indications are there will be no limit to
the companies’ impact in the beauty industry.