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 Carol Woodliff and Karen Maleck-Whiteley
A psychic once told us we were twins joined at the head in a past life and told us to meditate
with our heads together. We tried it and couldn’t stop laughing. We’re not sure about the past
life story but do cherish our connection wherever it came from.
We started out together with a professional development company called WMW Group, which
provided wellness seminars to organizations and taught private seminars helping people quit
smoking, manage stress and achieve their goals. While those seminars were fun, there was something missing. We let go of WMW Group so we could
follow those deeper callings of our hearts. For a while, we went our separate ways in business, still remaining friends until a half-written stress book
called us back and asked us to take another look at it.
Carol: I’m the author of the book, From Scared to Sacred: Lessons in Learning to Dance with Life. I believe life is a dance between our soul callings and
our choices in life. There is so much available here for us to experience, I’ve never understood people who said, “I’m bored!” and I’ve always been a
seeker of new experiences both in this world and spiritually. I am a shaman, healer, writer, performer and coach. I am a graduate of Marquette
University, The Hypnosis Motivation Institute and The Healing Light Body Program at The Four Winds Society. I share photos from my journey on my
Facebook and Instagram pages: A Shaman on the Walk. I love to speak and perform and am currently writing a one-woman show. You can find me at:
http:/ or at http:/
Karen: I am an artist co-owner of Divine You Crafts, makers of monthly conscious crafting kits, events and parties, inspirational jewelry and more. With
my husband Brian, I co-own Balance Point Spa in Santa Clarita, California where we provide amazing treatments for body, mind and spirit. I am a
graduate of San Francisco State University, the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, and also completed some graduate work at University of San Francisco. I
love to help others be creative, connect to Spirit, and discover and contribute who they truly are. Contact Karen through: