Laina McFerren
After graduating with a Communications Degree from UCLA and working for a short time in the entertainment
field, Laina McFerren realized that she truly loved the restaurant business.  While working for the Cheesecake
Factory and later Café Misto to help pay her way through college, Laina fell in love with the idea that – in the
space of an hour – she had the ability to totally turn someone’s day around.  In 1994 Laina, along with her
husband Rob, bet everything they owned and took a risk on opening Wolf Creek Restaurant and Brewing Co. 
Now celebrating it’s 20th anniversary, Wolf Creek has expanded the Brewing side and opened a separate Tasting
Room in the Mann Biomed Park.  Laina now balances her time between overseeing the restaurant and tasting
room operations along with following her passion of helping various non-profits in the community.