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Lisa Welker-Finney, VP Human Resources, Neuromodulation and Latin America/Canada
Lisa Welker-Finney is the HR VP for the Americas for Boston Scientific Corporation, a leader in medical device
manufacturing and sales.  In her role she is responsible for the Neuromodulation division in the US and all divisions
in the regions of Canada and Latin America, the fastest growing market.  Prior to Lisa’s role at Boston Scientific she
was in Talent Management and Organization Development for WellPoint/Anthem Blue Cross.  She had a variety of
roles in site leadership, global leadership and development and was responsible for Talent Planning and Succession
of the top 900 employees within the organization.  Lisa holds a BS and MS from California State University,
Northridge and is a part-time faculty member.   She is a well-known speaker and is working on a new book in the
area of leadership.
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