Adminstration of Justice


The Administration of Justice Program focuses on the study of law enforcement in the United States with the primary emphasis on California law, procedures, and evidence. The student gains an insight into the history of law enforcement, the evolution of law both Constitutional and statutory, investigative techniques, report writing, evidence, and criminal procedure. Upon successful completion of the Administration of Justice degree program, the student will have a general, but very practical knowledge of modern law enforcement in the United States and an in-depth knowledge of California criminal laws and techniques. 

Degrees are awarded to those who complete the required courses for an Administration of Justice major along with the additional requirements for the associate degree. Target occupations typical to this major include Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Highway Patrol Officer, Correctional Officer, FBI Agent, DEA Agent, Secret Service Agent, Customs Officer, Border Patrol Officer, Evidence Technician, Security Officer, Loss Prevention Officer, and Private Investigator. 
NOTE: Most law enforcement agencies have extensive testing procedures prior to hiring including written, oral, and psychological tests and require the applicant to complete additional rigorous academy training prior to being hired. Most federal agencies require a bachelor's degree prior to appointment. Security officers employed in the state of California must take additional courses and pass state approved examinations in order to meet state mandates.​​​


Degree Requirements:


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