Full Time Faculty 

Staff Directory

Janet Cetrone
Lab Coordinator
Office: BYKH-213 / Phone: 661.362.3986 / E-mail: janet.cetrone@canyons.edu
Janet acts as lead technician and oversees all laboratory functions and the greenhouse within the department.
Becky Kaufman
Instructional Laboratory Technician
Lab: ALLB-216 / Phone: 661.362.3518 / Office: BYKH 213 / Phone: 661.362.3529 / E-mail: becky.kaufman@canyons.edu
Jenna King
Instructional Laboratory Technician
Office: BYKH-209 / Phone: 661.362.3574 / E-mail: jenna.king@canyons.edu
Norma Espinoza
Instructional Laboratory Technician
Office: BYKH 209 / E-mail: norma.espinoza@canyons.edu
Jenny Leadbetter
Instructional Lab Technician (Biology and Physical Science) 
Office: CCC-507 / Phone: 661.362-3933 / E-mail: jenny.leadbetter@canyons.edu
Jenny oversees the Biology 100, Marine, Zoology and Botany labs as well as the Physical Science lab at the Canyon Country campus.  She also maintains the live plant and animal collection at Canyon Country.