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​ ​The Computer Applications and Web Technologies (CAWT) department specializes in providing state-of-the-art education in computer literacy, as well as vocationally oriented job-training in computer software applications, Internet and web technologies, and medical office procedures. The CAWT programs provide the training and exposure that is essential to prospective computer users and office workers at all levels. Excellent career opportunities exist in this rapidly expanding field.
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 Click on a program for   information  and  a detailed description that explains how you may utilize the skills learned upon completion.
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                button1.png1Administrative Assistant (AS; Certificate of Achievement)


                button1.png1Computer Applications (AS; Certificate of Achievement)


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Please Note:

1 While the Administrative Assistant and Computer Applications programs are similar in nature, the main difference is, Computer Applications is more strongly focused on the latest industry software with an intent to prepare you to sit for the Microsoft Certified Applications Specialist (MCAS) exam, a globally recognized industry certificate. The Administrative Assistant programs focus on the practical application of interpersonal skills within the workplace. For more information, please reference their respective program descriptions in the links above.


2 The Medical Office Administrative Assistant is similar to the Administrative Assistant program because they are both administrative support, however, the Medical Office program will prepare you more specifically to work in the health industry.