Center for Early Childhood Education

The Center of Early Childhood Education (ECE) provides the courses developed to meet State of California licensing requirements for Title 22 and Title V.

Students in the department have the opportunity to complete coursework in a laboratory preschool on campus at either the Valencia or Canyon Country site, that serves student-parents and the general community. This children's program is comprised of half- and full-day options for children 12 months of age by the first day of the fall semester and have not yet entered Kindergarten. It has been accredited by the National Association of Early Childhood Programs, verifying that the program demonstrates substantial compliance with nationally recognized criteria for high-quality early childhood programs. Accreditation additionally validates the center as a program to be modeled as an appropriate setting for teacher/caregiver training.

Our goals are to provide each child with a variety of educational and creative material that stimulates both learning and social interaction while allowing for individual differences, encouraging exploration and providing opportunities to make choices.

The primary focus of the program is to promote feelings of competence and self-worth that will serve as a strong foundation for future growth and learning. As research indicates, we recognize play as children’s work – it is the way they learn about the world and their roles in it. Through exploration and experimentation, alone and in groups, children come to understand the physical properties of things and the social structure around them. We provide a variety of experiences that enhance children’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Lab School

The center  is a laboratory preschool that was established to provide a supervised practicum experience for students majoring in early childhood education at College of the Canyons. The ECE courses and the laboratory function form an integral whole. Students in various ECE classes work with certificated/credentialed instructors.  This continuity between theory and practice has proven to be a unique strength of the college program.