Welcome to the Chemistry Guided Learning Activities home at College of the Canyons.


As an extra resource for our students, we have assembled several guided learning activities (GLAs) that focus on specific concepts in our Chemistry 151 and Chemistry 201 courses.

 Each activity consists of a worksheet that students can download and work through at their own pace. The worksheets are accompanied by YouTube videos that work through the example problems.

 At the end of each worksheet, we've included several more practice problems. Each worksheet also has an answer key that shows the complete method of solution for each problem.

 Feel free to complete as much or as little of each GLA as they feel is necessary. Happy studying!​

​Topics Include:

1. Unit Conversions

2. Dimensional Analysis

3. Chemical Formulas for Ionic Compounds

4. Nomenclature for Chemical Compounds

5. Balancing Chemical Reactions

6. Predicting Products in Chemical Reactions

7. Writing Complete Ionic & Net Ionic Equations

8. Mole Conversions

9. Introduction to Stoichiometry

10. Electron Configurations

11. Lewis Dot Structures

12. VSEPR Theory

13. The Ideal Gas Law

14. Concentration Units

15. pH Calculations

Topics Include:

2. Stoichiometry with Excess Reactants

3. Balancing Redox Reactions by the 1/2 Reaction Method

4. Combustion Analysis

5. Calorimetry

6A. Hess' Law

6B. The Born-Haber Cycle

7. Formal Charge & VSEPR Theory for Expanded Octets

8. Hybrid Atomic Orbitals

9. Molecular Orbital Theory

10. Raoult's Law


​The Chemistry GLA Team at CoC


Dr. Consuelo Beecher                           Mr. James Wilcox                     Dr. Patricia Foley                      ​Mr. Mustafa Elkateb