Chemistry Resources on the Web

The following sites provide valuable information relating to chemistry that you may find useful during your coursework here, or for planning for your future academic career after COC. Feel free to contact any of the faculty members with questions!

Resources for Your Academic Career

The Math, Science, and Engineering Department's Various Pathways to AS Degrees, AS-T Degrees, and transfer majors provides a semester-by-semester view of what classes should be taken to help aid your overall educational plan.

The American Chemical Society (ACS) is a professional organization of chemists and chemical engineers (and you can become a student affiliate through our chemistry club!)

Employment Opportunities
If you qualify for Federal Work Study and would like to gain valuable experience working in a chemistry lab stockroom, we may have a position for you! Contact Michelle Marcellin or Edwin Abrenica to find out more about joining the Chemistry Department!
Financial Aid
To find more information on how to qualify, apply, and recieve financial aid and/or scholarships, visit our Financial Aid Office

Resources for Current Students

There are a variety of different Periodic Tables on the web, to help aid and enhance your understanding.





The University of Oregon has a database of spectral data for all of the elements, both absorption and emission.


The following books have been recommended by COC faculty and are all available at the COC library. Click on the books title to take a look at the book and review from





The American Chemical Society published an article titled, How to Ace Your Chemistry Exams which provides great hints and tips as your prepare for your exams this semester!