Building Inspection Certificate

Certificate of Achievement: Building Inspection
The Building Inspection option is designed to prepare students to meet entry-level requirements for employment in the building inspection profession. The course-work prepares students to take code certification exams typically required for employment. Inspectors are employed by government agencies, private companies, contractors and lending institutions. Inspectors observe, evaluate, judge and enforce laws and regulations pertaining to building construction. The inspector is required to have a broad base of knowledge in all components of construction including plan reading, specification interpretation, and legal requirements.

Student Learning Outcome:
Students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the core skills and knowledge required to interpret California construction codes and apply them to building and construction applications.
Program Requirements
Units Required: 18
Blueprint Reading for Construction | 3.0 units
Introduction to Construction Inspection and Codes | 2.0 units
California Building Code | 3.0 units
California Mechanical Code | 3.0 units
Plumbing Systems and the Plumbing Code | 3.0 units

California Electrical Code | 3.0 units

A minimum of one unit from the following:
Cooperative Work Experience Education | 1.0 - 4.0 units