EMT Program Spring
Health Science 046 - Emergency Medical Responder is offered during Winter Session and Spring semester. It is STRONGLY recommended that the student successfully complete Health Science 046 prior to enrolling in Health Science 151.  Do not enroll in Health Science 046 and Health Science 151 concurrently.
 Health Science 151 - EMT course: To enroll the student must apply and register through Admissions and Records. Please check the Admissions and Records webpages for additional information. It is STRONGLY recommended that the student successfully complete Health Science 046 prior to enrolling in Health Science 151.
Health Science 151 - (EMT class): The course has been increased to 160 hours - 8 units. This is a rigorous class. Expectation of all students - a minimum of 25-30 hours of outside study per week. Our course requires a background check, fire card, physical, titers (blood tests), immunizations, tetanus shot, drug test,TB tests and uniform. (physical form is found in the EMT packet) Our uniform includes –EMT polo shirt (available only through the COC Barnes & Noble Bookstore), white t-shirt, navy blue or black dickies or BDUs, black leather oxford type shoes or lace-up boots, plain belt. Students are also required to purchase a safety vest – available in the COC Barnes & Noble Bookstore. (The vest is a Federal regulation) There is an 8-12 hour ride along and two 8 hour ER clinical shifts that must be accomplished outside of class time. This class includes the LA County 2011 Scope of Practice. Drug testing is required of all EMT students.
CPR Card: All students are required to obtain an American Heart Association BLS card. (CPR). We do not accept any other cards. We do not accept online cards.Students will be required to demonstrate CPR skills throughout the class and may be required to perform CPR in the field or the Emergency Department.  
Fire and LIfe Safety card ( Healthcare Fire Safety aka Fire Card)- All  EMT students are required to obtain a Fire and LIfe Safety card. To assist in this, College of the Canyons has scheduled several Fire card classes through our Community Education Department.  Please do not enroll in the Fire Card classes unless you have registered and paid for the EMT class. This will allow registered students the ability to obtain their mandatory Fire Card. Dates and times for the  Healthcare Fire Safety classes are posted  on the Community Education webpages. Check our "Breaking News" page for updates. http://www.canyons.edu/Offices/CommunityEducation/Pages/Healthcare-Fire-Safety.aspx
Students will receive all college notifications through my.canyons email. Sign up for the my.canyons email address when you apply or register.
Additional information may be found throughout the EMT website.
 Health Science 045 is no longer offered.
Health Science 051 - American Heart Association BLS for the Healthcare Provider - Due to changes at the State Chancellor's office we will no longer offer this class. Check the American Heart Association's website for classes in your area.