All EMT students are required to undergo background checks. The cost is the student's responsibility. Our vendor is Corporate Screening. Please do not run a background check until you have registered and paid for the class!
1.    Log on to
2.    Click the "Start here" button
3.    Enter the special promotional code (see below) and hit the "Go" button.
The special promotional code is:  COTCEMT
4.    You will be redirected to the online application. Be prepared to provide relevant personal information and the school and the program you are attending. Information will be transmitted through a secure site.
5.    Click the "Submit" button at the end of the process and you're done!
6.    Have credit card (Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover) information ready in order to process payment.
7.    It is important that you access and maintain a copy of the results for your personal records. Please follow the steps to set up an account with your personal access code.
8.    If you have any difficulty regarding the processing of your background check, please call the Customer Service Department which can be reached toll free at
(800) 229-8606
Students may not participate in the COC EMT Program if they have any of the following convictions:
Ø  Murder
Ø  Felony assault
Ø  Sexual offenses/sexual assault
Ø  Felony possession and/or furnishing without certificate of rehabilitation
Ø  Felonies involving weapons and/or violent crimes
Ø  Felony theft
Ø  Misdemeanor theft (Class A or Class B)
Ø  Fraud
Ø  Drug and alcohol offenses without certificate of rehabilitation
If you have any convictions, you must speak with the Program Director, Patti Haley. All decisions by Ms. Haley will be considered final.
California State EMT Regulations have been revised. The LA County Policy  220  reflects the new regulations. It may be found in its entirety on the L.A. County EMS Agency website, in the Policy Manual.