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Welcome to the Emergency Medical Technician Program at College of the Canyons.  This packet contains necessary information and forms that need to be completed during the first few weeks of the semester.  Please read the information in this introduction and the links throughout the page.
The  EMT Program is a one semester, 8 unit course, Health Science 151; however it is strongly recommended that the student successfully complete Health Science 046 prior to enrolling in the EMT Program.
Students must attend the first day of class. During the first class session the student will be oriented to the EMT program and have the opportunity to ask questions of the instructor. EMT Program paperwork will be distributed and discussed by your instructor the first week of class. If you do not attend the first class session you will be dropped from the class and your spot will be given to a wait listed student.
Due to contractual requirements of our clinical site partners, all students must be at least 18 years old by the first day the class meets. There are no exceptions to this requirement.
Prior to the first day of class you should-
  • Have a current CPR card.  The  American Heart Association’s “Healthcare Provider” is the standard in the EMS community. This is the only card accepted by the COC EMT Program.
  • If you do not have the CPR card, you will need to obtain during the first few weeks of class.  Online cards are unacceptable.
  • Make two copies of your CPR card (both sides) and bring them to class the first day.
  • Bring your driver’s license or California ID or other proof of identity to first day of class
  • Obtain a Fire and Life Safety card.  Make a copy (both sides) and submit it to the instructor. Classes are available through the college's Community Education Department and listed as "Healthcare Fire Safety." See below for aditional information.
Health Clearance:
  • Make an appointment for a health clearance physical exam.  Your health clearance is due with the first few weeks of class. The health clearance forms are listed below. Please read the forms carefully. If you have questions, please ask your instructor on the first day of class, or email the director, patti.haley@canyons.edu.
  • Do not start the Health Clearance until you have officially enrolled in and paid for the EMT class. As a registered student you may make an appointment with the college's Health Center.
Background Checks:
Drug Testing: A 10-panel drug test will be required of all EMT students. More information will be available in the near future.
 Fire and LIfe Safety card ( Healthcare Fire Safety)- All  EMT students will be required to obtain a Fire and LIfe Safety card. To assist in this, College of the Canyons has scheduled several Fire card classes through our Community Education Department.The dates for Fall include August 27th, September 9th, Sept 17th and Sept 23rd. There are additional classes scheduled for May and June, however, these classes will not meet the Spring  EMT class deadline.   Please do not enroll in the Fire Card classes unless you have registered and paid for the EMT class. This will allow registered students the ability to obtain their mandatory Fire Card. Dates and times for the  Healthcare Fire Safety classes are posted  on the Community Education webpages. http://www.canyons.edu/Offices/CommunityEducation/Pages/Healthcare-Fire-Safety.aspx
Deadline dates for CPR, physical, immunizations, titers, background check, fire card, drug tests and uniform will be discussed the first class meeting.
Failure to complete any of the above items by the required dates may result in dismissal from the program. 
*** A social security number is required to take the National Registry exam and to certify as
an EMT in the State of California.
Program contact:  Patti Haley, EMT Program Director   patti.haley@canyons.edu