IMPORTANT: EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2017  the skills required for California recertification have changed. They now include, Trauma assessment, Medical Assessment, Bag-Valve-Mask Ventilation, Oxygen Administration, Cardiac Arrest Management  w/AED, Hemorrhage Control & Shock Management (wound packing),SMR long board, KED, Penetrating Chest Injury, Epinephrine, Naloxone (Narcan), Childbirh and Neonatal Resuscitation.  Currently (July 1, 2017) - is one of the  a few CE Providers that has been authorized to test the updated recertification skills in LA County. Please check the LA County EMS Agency website for other providers.
NREMT and L.A. County/California have different recertification requirements. 
Your recertification date may be different on each card.
All NREMT cards expire on March 31st. 
L.A. County/California cards expire 2 years from the date issued in most cases. 
You must have a state of California EMT card (issued by a local agency) to function as an EMT in California.  NREMT certification alone, does not allow you to function as an EMT in the State of California.
If your EMT expires, you may not work as an EMT.
If your CPR card expires, you may not work as an EMT.
 Check the L.A. County EMS Agency website for current forms for initial certification, recertification and LIVE SCAN.
NREMT has their own recertification requirements. Please check their website. 
California Recertification - The EMT Regulations Changed July 1, 2017
Please go to the L.A. County EMS Agency website to find more information.
Go to and follow the links to EMT certification.

You may also obtain information from the Calliforina Emergency Medical Authority

Check the L.A. County website for CE Providers who also offer skills testing.
College of the Canyons offers a Refresher class during Summer and Winter sessions. The Refresher class includes skills testing. Please check the Refresher class page on the EMT webpages for additional information. Health Science 153.       Next EMT Refresher - TBD.
College of the Canyons no longer offers Skills testing classes through Community Education. Skills are tested as a component of the EMT class or the Refresher class only.