EMT Summer 2017 Refresher Class  - cancelled due to low enrollment

State of California, effective July 1, 2017, is requiring additional skills testing including KED, Newborn assessment, Narcan administration and penetrating chest injury.
If you have completed skills testing and are recerting, submit your application and paperwork and fess BEFORE July 1, 2017 to aviod the fee increase and the additional skills testing requirement!
Approved CE and skills providers may be found on the L.A. County EMS webpages.
The closest skills/CE provider is emergencyconcepts.com in Chatsworth - they are currently working to update their skills testing option to include all the newly required skills - classes will be available in July.

L.A. County fee increase effective July 1, 2017 - Recertification fee increasing from $87 to $120.
EMT Refresher Class - Health Science 153 includes Transition Materials, California Skills Verification Testing and the revised LA County Scope of Practice 2011. This course is approved for 24 hours of Continuing Education effective Summer 2014.
The next EMT Refresher Class is  tenatively scheduled for Winter 2018 Session.
The schedule will be posted on college website under Class Schedule.  Students must attend all four days in their entirety.  To successfully complete the course and receive a certificate, the student must, successfully complete a written final exam, written scope of practice exam, all required skills and submit proof (copies of the completion certificates) of successful completion of the following FEMA courses. (They are free.) Links to the FEMA Independent study page and links to the individual courses may be found under our "Links" tab.
FEMA  IS - 100b - Intro to Incident Command System
FEMA IS - 700a - National Incident Management System
FEMA  IS- 346 - Orientation to Hazardous Materials for Medical Personnel
You must apply and register through College of the Canyons. Check with Admissions and Records regarding registration. http://www.canyons.edu/offices/Admissions/
Who should enroll?
Ø  Students must be a current or lapsed EMT. 
Ø  If you are a lapsed EMT, please check the California regulations re: recertifying. Information may be found on the LA County webpages or the California EMS Authority's webpages. Their web links may be found on our EMT resources page.
Ø  Student may have successfully completed an EMT course, but has not passed the NREMT exam and is required to take a refresher course to retake the NREMT exam.
Ø  If you are having difficulty registering for this class as you are repeating this class, please pick up a Petition for Course Repetition form from Admissions and Records. You will need to attach a copy of your current or lapsed EMT card and if available, a copy of your original EMT Course Completion form. Turn this in to Admissions and Records, attention Debbie Sall.  Please monitor your my.canyons email for updates! If you have any other concerns, please email patti.haley@canyons.edu and include your phone number and name.
Ø  Students will receive all college notifications through the my.canyons email.
Ø  To receive email notifications, sign up for my.canyons email when you apply.
Students must have an official my.canyons email address to receive emails from the school or instructors!!