College of the Canyons  is no longer offering stand alone skills testing. We do not test skills on an indivual basis, only as part of the EMT class or the EMT Refresher class. 

MPORTANT: EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2017  the skills required for  California recertification have changed. They now include, Trauma assessment, Medical Assessment, Bag-Valve-Mask Ventilation, Oxygen Administration, Cardiac Arrest Management  w/AED, Hemorrhage Control & Shock Management (wound packing),SMR long board, KED, Penetrating Chest Injury, Epinephrine, Naloxone (Narcan), Childbirh and Neonatal Resuscitation.  Currently (July 1, 2017) - is one of the only  L.A. County CE Providers that has been authorized to test the updated recertification skills in LA County.


Please check LA County EMS Agency website for approved skills testing providers. http://ems.dhs.