Beginning Reading and Writing Skills Workshop
English 071L is a .5 unit co-requisite that provides supplementary instruction and practice in sentence skills, reading comprehension, and the writing process for currently enrolled English 071 students. Units do not apply to the associate degree and the course is offered credit/no-credit only.
The Student Learning Outcomes for English 071L are:
·         Improve reading comprehension of non-fiction texts assigned in English 071
·         Improve competency in recognizing and correcting errors in grammar, punctuation, and mechanics
·         Develop a more effective writing process for academic writing assignments
To achieve the above stated goals, the Course Objectives for English 071L are as follow:
  • Explain basic inferences made when reading an assigned text
  • Apply active reading strategies such as SQ6R and HQR to an assigned text
  • Recognize and define unfamiliar words by using a dictionary
  • Apply contextual analysis to determine the meanings of unfamiliar words in an assigned text
  • Summarize the main ideas of assigned texts and identify supporting details for them
  • Improve reading rate (speed)
  • Identify and correct sentence fragments
  • Identify and correct run-on sentences and comma splices
  • Apply sentence combining patterns to produce more effective sentences
  • Identify and correct common errors in end punctuation
  • Identify and correct common errors in commas
  • Identify and correct common errors in agreement (subject-verb and noun-pronoun)
  • Brainstorm ideas to create content for an academic writing assignment
  • Plan the stages needed to complete an academic writing assignment including outlining rafting, revising, editing, and proofreading




Course Sequence Chart

English 071 

English 071L 

English 081 

English 091 

English 094 

English 096 

English 101 

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