English 081 improves writing at the paragraph level by focusing on structure, mechanics, and editing. It familiarizes students with source-based compositions and emphasizes pre-college level reading of fiction and nonfiction. Units do not apply to the associate degree.
The Student Learning Outcomes for English 081 are:
·      Compose well-organized, grammatically correct paragraphs, using personal evidence as well as  evidence from the assigned readings to develop a focused topic sentence.
·      Correctly identify an author’s thesis, main points and supporting details through annotation and comprehension questions.
·      Clearly explain an author’s theme and describe the main character’s conflict in a complete paragraph.
To achieve the above stated goals, the Course Objectives for English 081 are as follow:
·      Compare and contrast different approaches to writing: example, definition, and argument.
·      Explain and apply the writing process.
·      Demonstrate prewriting techniques.
·      Effectively revise and edit a rough draft.
·      Differentiate specific details from general statements and assertions.
·      Construct main points to develop a topic sentence.
·      Select details from sources to support main points.
·      Annotate an essay.
·      Define the terms "thesis," "purpose," "tone," and "audience" when used about writing.
·      Analyze the plot, setting, characterization, point of view, conflict, resolution, and theme of a work of fiction.
·      Analyze the structure of a well-organized paragraph.
·      Expand one's reading and writing vocabularies.
·      Explain the inferences a reader needs to make in a selected piece of fiction or non-fiction.

Course Sequence Chart

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English 081 

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