English 091 is a combined reading and writing course that is designed to prepare students for either further academic work or the workplace. The course prepares students to write well-organized, unified and coherent essays for a college audience and teaches critical reading skills for college-level reading material.

The Student Learning Outcomes for English 091 are:
·     Compose thoughtful, well-organized, grammatically correct short essays, using properly documented outside sources and personal experiences to develop a unified thesis.
·      Distinguish and analyze basic elements of fiction and non-fiction found in introductory college readings.
To achieve the above stated goals, the Course Objectives for English 091 are as follow:
·     Focus and narrow ideas from prewriting.
·     Compose well-organized, source-based short essays.
·     Provide adequate support for thesis statements.
·     Revise own writing to make it unified, coherent and well-developed.
·     Apply a variety of patterns of development in writing, such as persuasion, cause and effect and comparison and contrast.
·      Document external sources with parenthetical citations and a Works Cited list using the MLA format.
·      Edit own sentences for sentence boundary, punctuation, mechanics, and spelling errors.
·      Analyze elements of fiction such as plot, setting, characterization, irony, figurative language, and theme.
·      Analyze elements of non-fiction including author’s thesis, main points, supporting details, and organization strategy.
·      Synthesize ideas from sources with his or her own ideas.



Course Sequence Chart

English 071 

English 071L 

English 081 

English 091 

English 094 

English 096 

English 101 

English 102 

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