Associate in Science Degree: Engineering

Units Required: 48
ENGR-101 Introduction to Science, Engineering and Technology 2.0
ENGR-151 Materials of Engineering 3.0
ENGR-151L Materials of Engineering Lab 1.0
ENGR-152 Statics 3.0
ENGR-153 Electrical Circuits 4.0
CHEM-201 General Chemistry 6.0
CMPSCI-235 ‘C’ Programming 3.0
MATH-211 Calculus 5.0
MATH-212 Calculus II 5.0
MATH-213 Calculus III 5.0
MATH-215 Differential Equations 3.0
PHYSIC-220 Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Mechanics of Solids and Fluids 4.0
PHYSIC-221 Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Electricity and Magnetism 4.0
Recommended Electives:
ENGR-110 Introduction to AutoCAD 3.0
ENGR-114 Solids Modeling for Mechanical Drafting 3.0
ENGR-154 Engineering Economy 3.0
ENGR-155 Dynamics 3.0
ENGR-161 Strength of Materials 3.0
ENGR-161L Strength of Materials Lab 1.0
PHYSIC-222 Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Wave Motion, Heat, Optics and Modern Physics 4.0