Students in the Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences Department taking physical science classes will be able to understand and appreciate Nature and become knowledgeable about environmental issues, fundamental forces in Nature, the basic principles behind modern technology, and the role of science in everyday life.  Physical Science prepares students for a diversity of professions including teaching science at the secondary level, serving as a technical administrator in government and industry, or completing legal work with patents, scientific librarianship, and scientific journalism.


Units: 4.00 - UC:CSU, May Be Taken Once for Credit

Recommended Preparation: MATH-070
Introduces the non-science major to a survey of chemistry, and physics. Includes mechanics, heat, light, sound, motion, magnetism, electricity, atomic structure, chemical bonding, chemical reaction rates and their practical applications. Topics are developed with a minimum of mathematical presentation.
UC credit limitation: No credit if taken after a college level course in Physics or Chemistry.