How to Enroll in Credit Classes

1. Application - You need to register with the college to begin taking any classes, so first, you must do that. You can do that online or in person at the Admissions Office.
2. Placement Test - Take the ESL Placement Test. The test is offered in the Assessment Center and you can just go in at any time. You can call the Assessment Center at 661-362-XXX and check they are open. You must bring a picture I.D. (driver’s license, passport, or California I.D.) to the placement test.
How can I prepare for the Placement Test?
Relax and enjoy it! It is on the computer and you can take your time. Don’t be nervous.
3. Orientation - After taking the placement test, you will be told your level in our system. Now, you can find out information about the classes being offered at your level and what services are available to you.
If you don’ know, you can go to the Admissions Building and talk with a counselor.
4. Counseling - Once you have decided which classes to take, you can register but we suggest you meet with a college counselor before registering for classes. The counselor will help you select your ESL classes and any other classes you want to take. The counselor can also answer your questions and help you prepare.
5. Registration - You can register online, via STAR (phone system) or in person. Counselors can answer your questions or you can contact the ESL Department Chair.

For more information about the credit program, call the ESL Department Chair at 661-362-5934.
We look forward to seeing you on campus, in our offices, and in class.


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