Guatemala and America  
Los Angeles and Guatemala City by Miryam:
There are a lot of differences between Los Angeles and Guatemala City, Guatemala. The three differences that stand out the most are the culture, the weather, and the crime. One particular way in which the culture is different between Los Angeles and Guatemala, is when it comes to the lives of youth and their parents about living together. In Guatemala, you can live with your parents as long as you want or until they tell you otherwise. However, in Los Angeles, many young people, 18 or older, must leave home and go on with their lives. In my opinion, living on your own is very good to grow and mature as a human being, but for someone who is already accustomed to living with family and the conveniences of having family around, like sharing the responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, and paying the bills, it can be difficult to accept the change and acclimate to the new environment. It can be a big shock for her life. Another difference in the culture is that many young people in LA have cars. Having a car, helps them to be independent. They can have a simple job to earn the money to pay for the car. This is much easier to do here in LA than in Guatemala. In Guatemala, only the wealthy people own cars. Those of a high economic status, expect their parents to give them a car to go to the University.
Another drastic difference between LA & Guatemala is the weather. While both places have beautiful weather, Guatemala is extremely humid, and LA is very dry. Finally, the last difference between Guatemala and LA is the crime or safety Guatemala’s police are very corrupt and do not care about the residents. Here in LA, the Police officers are very respectable and try to fight crime as best they can. Again,Guatemala and Los Angeles are very different when it comes to culture, weather, and crime, but they definitely have one thing in common, they are both very beautiful.