Iran and America  
Iran and United States of America:
Government authority, educational system and family structure are three of many differences between Iran and United states. The first difference between Iran and America is government authority. Each country has its own way of governing people. In United States type of government is democracy which political decisions are made by people or at least people participate in government actions in different ways. For example, American people can vote for their president, members of congress and etc. On the other hand, there are no religious thoughts through making political decisions. In contrast, Iran has a dictatorship authority that limits people’s thoughts. For example, no one can actually make a decision except the leader of government that always has to be a religious person. His decisions are underneath religious prejudice. Another obvious difference between these two countries can be the system of education. In all schools of Iran the instructor of a course is the only person that is active in class. All students are simple listeners .This way of education makes lack of creativity in students. On the other hand teachers have lots of expectations from students, this make the much hard working than American students. Educational system in America depends on students activities. All students learn materials by examining them in different ways they use the instructor as a person that helps them learn better. They discover everything on their own and learn how to think on a problem and try to find the solution for it. This educational system is much easier in United State than Iran. The final important difference would be family structure .Iran is a traditional country and Iranians believe in keeping all members of family together as much as its possible .Parents support their children in every way they can even if they are adults. They feel responsible about their children all the time. In contrast to Iran, United States’ families don’t put too much effort on keeping the family together. Parents will support their kids only until the age of eighteen and after that they expect them to be responsible for their own lives. However this might be a good decision but it breaks the family apart. Sometimes it leaves no feelings between the members, therefore Iranian families always are interested in keeping the family union. To sum it all up, government, schools and families are three main aspects that make huge differences between Iran and the Land of opportunities.