Japan and America  
Contrast between American holidays and Japanese holidays by Tatsuya:
December, January and February have three big holidays. People in the world celebrate Christmas on twenty fifth of December, New Years on first of January and Valentine on fourteenth of February. Even Though America and Japan have same holidays, there are some differences with how to spend those days. First, Christmas is the day that families spend together at home and have some turkey and Santa comes to children and leaves a gift for them. On the contrary, Charismas is a time for couples to spend together in Japan. Second, right after Charismas holiday is new Years. In America, this night is for going out and drinking with friends. Then, people spend at home to watch football game or relax. This is totally different with Japan. Families and relatives gather to celebrate the New Year and eat special dishes called Osechi and rice cake soup called Zoni. And, On New Year's Day, people pay a visit to shrines to pray for happiness and good health. Moreover, Children are given some money as New Year's gift. Third, Valentine is the day that man gives woman a gift in America. But, In Japan, woman gives a chocolate to man as a gift. The thing is it is not only one guy who they like most. Women give a chocolate to several guys. When they want to say thank you to someone around you who their guy friends, their fathers and bosses, they give obligation chocolate called Giri choco to them. Even though there are same holidays in America and Japan, they are different with how to spend those holidays.