Mexico and America  
Ruth from Mexico says:
The way we perceive death or dead people is a big difference between these two cultures. Mexicans have some kind of strong relationship with their loved ones who pass to a better life. They dedicate 2 whole days plus maybe a week before for special preparations to honor them. Everybody wait anxious for their return or “visit” to this world. There is not fear toward their spirits or ghost. In the contrary their favorite meals, drinks, sweets, toys, etc. will be prepared or gathered in order to please them one more time. All the family is excited about this special occasion. There are altars, jokes, poems, rhymes and songs about “the grim reaper”, coffins or skulls made of sugar with your best friend’s name on its forehead are special on those days. Dead is something we’ll all have to go through that does not need to be afraid of.

What I Respect About America by Sandra

But the thing I admire most of this country is their respect to others. This includes the organized lines, respect of the traffic lights, the “lost and found”, the 4 way stop signs, and the way most of the people obey the laws.
Mexico is a wonderful and historical country.  Living in Mexico for sixteen years I had the opportunity to visit several of its amazing states and cities.  On the other hand, the United States of America is also a big and beautiful country, and it has excellent opportunities future.  I did not have the opportunity to continue studying in my country because of financial reasons.  I had different and positive expectations about USA before coming to America from Leon, Gto. Mex.  I expected that it was going to be the same way as it is in Mexico.  For example, Mexico has beautiful beaches.  Most of the beaches in Mexico are cleaner and the water is warmer than the beaches in the USA West coast.  They are dirty and very cold. Another example of what I expected about USA before coming to America is the education opportunities.  In Mexico, students start paying for their education after they finish the sixth grade.  They have to pay for their classes and books, but in the United States of America it is different.  In the USA, students can still attend up to twelfth grade and they do not pay for anything and they get free food.  Also, when students get into college, it is easier to apply and qualify for financial aid or personal loans. Finally, I expected that the USA was going to have the same weather temperatures as Mexico, not too hot or not too cold but it has very irregular weather.  The thing I most love about USA is the snow because I had never saw snow in Mexico and I did not expect to see snow in the USA.

Letty from Mexico Says:

Some of the difference between the Mexican and American culture are the following. In the Mexican culture people are usually more religious and they try to keep the family together. The Mexican’s have usually more morales.  And the Males’ usually have more control over the woman’s. This is something I don’t agree with. Usually in the Mexican’s culture they try to keep the traditions going. Mexican’s and American’s don’t really have a lot of similarities. Usually the American’s are more opened minded for sorting staff. Like for example their daughter going out on a date the American’s are more use to staff like this when Mexican’s usually are not use to staff like this and don’t agree with that. Usually Mexican’s expect for their kinds to get married and have kids, when American’s expect their kids to go to college first and then get married.