Taiwan and America  
Taiwan and America, or Santa Clarita:
Taipei and Santa Clarita have many similarities and differences. But both cities are wonderful place to live and raise family. Both cities have good temperatures, blue skies and friendly people. I have lived in Taipei, Taiwan for 38 years and in Santa Clarita, the USA for 5 years. I love both cities.
In lots of ways Taipei and Santa Clarita are the same. For example, both cities have many surrounding mountains and both have main rivers. Taipei and Santa Clarita have many places to worship. They have diverse religious beliefs. In both cities the summer temperatures go as high as 100 F. It is too warm! There are many festivals and activities in Santa Clarita every year, like the Street Art, Italian, Cowboy, Wine festivals, as well as concerts at Central Part. Santa Clarita also has marathons and bike tours. Taipei has those of events and festivals too.
However, Taipei and Santa Clarita have differences. Taipei is a big popular city in Asia while Santa Clarita is not a popular city in North America. Taipei has typhoons coming every summer time and Santa Clarita does not. Taipei is the Nation's main cultural center. There are a lot of skyscrapers and night time activities, but Santa Clarita does not. Santa Clarita is a peaceful, quiet and safe city. You and your family can take  advantage of miles of hiking trails, bike paths and other outdoor activities. They are many fine dining restaurants, and performing arts theaters in Old Tow Newhall and  the College of Canyons performing Arts Center. What wonderful place they are!
Indeed Taipei and Santa Clarita are great places to live and raise a family. Santa Clarita is the Top 25 best places to live in the USA, Taipei is nice, a friendly place to live in Asia. Taipei is my hometown and I love it! Santa Clarita is my second home and I love too!