Health Science/EMT Departments Faculty

  Office hours are posted on the School of Mathematics, Science and Health Professions webpages


Department Chair: Patti Haley
Office hours:
Monday 12pm - 1pm & 5pm -6pm Towsley Hall 102a or 103 or 101  
Wednesday 5pm-6pm  Towsley Hall 102a or 103 or 101

Sheri Barke
Health Science 149

Kelly Bronco
Health Science 150


Maureen Jamgochian
Health Science 101, 150 and 243

Jeanae Ruddell
Health Science 249

Erik Pinnell
Health Science  151

Christopher Rogers
Health Science 046​


Ron Stanick
Health Science  151


                          Jessica Schulman                                                                   Vickie Valenziano
                                                                                                                                                 Health Science 249