Humanities studies the history and development of human thought and culture. By focusing on literature, history, philosophy, art and film, humanities courses seek a broad and interconnected understanding of the human experience.
HUMAN 100: Introduction to studies in the Humanities
Introduces themes and methods of inquiry of the Humanities. Compares and contrast ideas and cultural expressions of Western and Non-Western Civilizations, focusing on a selected theme chosen each term.
HUMAN 101: Forms and ideas in Humanities
Introduces interdisciplinary analysis and interpretation of meaning in art, music, and literature and in the understanding of philosophical ideas in their own rigth and as they influence the world civilizations. UC credit limitation: HUMAN-101, 105 and 106 combines, maximun credit 6 units. No credit for 101 if taken after 105 or 106.
HUMAN 150: Great books, Great ideas
Surveys humanistic works of literature, philosophy, history, and the arts from Greek Antiquity to the end of the Medieval period as related to contemporary values and ideas.