Filmmaking Associate in Arts


Media Entertainment Arts seeks to create, improve, expand and strengthen relevant and rigorous academic Programs of Study, in cooperation with local high school, ROP, and community and regional business and industry partners. By developing sequentially modeled curricula and practicum for media, entertainment, and design industrial arts, Media Entertainment Arts will link current industry skills and foundation Career & Technical Education standards to all aspects of study.

Student Learning Outcome:

Demonstrate proficiency in the core skills and knowledge required for employment in the filmmaking industry.


​Program Requirements:​ ​

MEA 101​
elevision and Film Media AestheticsTelevision and Film Media Aesthetics​
MEA 120​ Introduction to Cinematography 3-0​
​​Plus two units from the following:​
​MEA 111 Exploring Video Field Prodution 2-0​
​MEA 112 Exploring Video Studio Production 2-0​
​​Plus fifteen units from the following:​
MEA 100 Mass Media and Society 3-0​
MEA 103 Exploring Contemporary Television 3-0
MEA 108 Scriptwriting Fundamentals 3-0
MEA 116 Film/Video Editing 3-0
MEA 180 Filmmaking I 3-0
MEA 280 Filmmaking II: Directing and Producing 3-0
​​​Recommended electives:​ Capstone (needs only 1 unit of CWE-188MEA, and choose 3 units of any MEA elective for a total of 6 units)
MEA 295 Professional Practices/Portfolio 2-0​
CWE 188 Cooperative Work Experience Education 1-16


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