Jazz at the College of the Canyons

KC Manji, Music Director
Jazz instruction has been a major focal point of the music department since the beginning of College of the Canyons. For thirty years Music 106 History & Development of Jazz, Music 151 Jazz Improvisation Workshop, Music 054 Stage Band, and Music 153 Studio Jazz Ensemble have been part of the music curriculum. For only one year after passage of Proposition 13 were we without these courses.
Music 106 instruction begins with precursors prior to 1900, New Orleans influences at the turn of the century, beginnings of the recording industry, roaring twenties, swing era and its icons, advances in recording & amplification technology, and through bebop, cool, funky, avant-garde, third stream, fusion & use of electronic instruments and their accoutrements.
Music 151 has actually been the longest continuing jam session in the Santa Clarita Valley. The formal structure of instruction in this course is as follows:
  • Jazz Terminology
  • Interval Study
  • Scales & Chord Construction
  • Harmonic Functions, Form & Melodic Devices
  • Time (Meter) Studies
  • Jazz Literature, Latin Influences & Articulation in both styles
  • Air Capacity & Utilization; Tone Quality
  • Pattern Studies, Semitone Equations
  • Dynamics
  • Positive Attitude & Respect for Others