Lori Marie Rios Vocal Development; Coordinator
Andrea Vibe Studio Singing
Julie Lawson Vocal Jazz; Coordinator

The Studio Singing class includes basic information on what a Studio Singer is expected to know and perform. Popular music styles are explored.

The curriculum covers basic vocal concepts including:
Posture Registers
Breathing Solo verses Group Singing
Support Back-up Vocals
Relaxing the Instrument Resonance
Anxiety Nasal and Oral Pharynx Balance
Energy verses Tension Tone
Staying "Cool" On-stage Vowels and Consonants
Dynamics Vibrato
Emotion Controlling Air Pressure

Additional areas of study include:
Reading Music, Intervals, Artistic Styles, Song Interpretation, Improvisation, Listening, The Music Business; Agents, Producers, Engineers, Unions, Record Deals and Management, Self-Promotion and Marketing, and a Final Performance Showcase.