Angela Shaheen
Professor of Spanish, U.S.A

Profesora Angela Shaheen is a non-native speaker of Spanish. She learned Spanish the "hard way" by taking classes on grammar, vocabulary and culture and having conversation partners. She earned her B.A. in Spanish from Western Michigan University in 2000 and her M.A. in Spanish from Bowling Green State University in Ohio in 2002. She currently is a tenured Spanish professor at Antelope Valley
College and is writing her doctoral dissertation for the University of Minnesota on the transformative power of study abroad.
Study abroad completely transformed Profa. Shaheen’s life.  It was the time when she took everything she’d learned from her classes and applied it to everyday situations. Her first study abroad experience was in Querétaro, Mexico as an undergraduate. She lived with a host family for six months while taking classes at the university.  During graduate school, she lived in Madrid, Spain for one academic year and
helped tutor the undergraduates in Spanish.  It was at this time that her passion for teaching Spanish was cemented.  It was at this same time that another passion was born—her passion to travel and experience other cultures.
Profa. Shaheen has traveled to 35 countries to date.  Her personal goal is to travel to every single country in the world (there are about 200 countries depending on the political situation of the day) and to reach that goal by the time she is 80 years old, she needs to travel to a minimum of four new countries a year.  Profa. Shaheen travels alone, with groups, with students, with friends and family—with anyone with an adventurous spirit, an openness to other cultures and a desire to live life to the fullest.


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