Meng Yu
Professor of Chinese, China

    Meng Yu was born and grew up in a traditional family in China. She has her bachelor degree for teaching Chinese from Beijing University of Technology. She has three years of teaching experience, such as running a class in New Oriental Education School in China and teaching Chinese in both Malaysia and Singapore local schools as a volunteering work. The experience of teaching abroad let her make up her mind teaching Chinese and carrying forward Chinese culture to the world. She is passionate about teaching and enjoys working with students from multiple backgrounds. 
    After coming to United States, she studies in TESOL program for her master degree in University of Southern California. By this, she has taught language learners both Chinese and English. More importantly, she thinks that because of teaching Chinese, she can take the privilege to share the language and spirit of her own nation with people from all over the world. Through her Chinese classes, her teaching philosophy is to inspire students to find their own ways of learning Chinese. Furthermore, learning Chinese is not only the language but also the culture.


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