Michelle Liu
Professor of Chinese, China

Michelle Liu was born and grew up in a family of educators in China.  She received her B.A. degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Yangzhou Teachers’ University, China.  After coming to the United States, she received a MA degree of fine art from Cal. State University of Los Angeles. Liu also took 45 units of post-graduate study (MA equivalent) offered by the education department of Cal. State University of Northridge and obtained a California Single Subject teaching credential in Chinese and Art.  Since teaching at College of Canyons (COC), she has finished the COC Associate Program and taken ten upper division level classes from UCLA Education department and the UCLA Confucius Institute.
Liu always have a passion in teaching Chinese language and cultures.  Five years ago, she started the Chinese program at COC and have been teaching Chinese 101 ever since (evaluated as highest performance - a first-rate class and instructor).  She has also been teaching intermediate level and advance level Chinese for eight years at Vaughn Next Century Learning Center High School, Los Angeles (evaluated as teacher with distinguished teaching standards). Through her Chinese language classes, she hopes to teach more Americans the Chinese language as well as help them to understand the fast growing China.  She is people oriented and fond of exercises, movies, dance, travel and having fun.


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